Survey: Research for Doctoral program in Tourism Studies Udayana University, Bali


Subject: Research for Tourism Bali-INA Survey Research for Doctoral Program in Tourism Studies Udayana University, Bali Senior Visitors’ Survey (≥ 55 Years Old)   Dear Madam/Sir, (if you are not eligible for this survey, please forward to your friends that maybe eligible) We kindly ask your participation on a survey regarding your visit(s) to Bali. This survey is in conjunction to a doctoral research at Udayana University, with the specific topic of senior tourism. We know how valuable your time is and appreciate your making the effort to help us improve our service by completing the questionnaire. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated, and your opinion and comments will be of great value to us to serve you better. There will be no risk anticipated from participating in the survey. The link provided below is safe and trusted. Your response will remain anonymous and completely confidential, and your participation in this study is strictly voluntary. Would you like to help us? you can fill it out online, just click url/link below:   Yours truly,

Rai in Bedugul

Rai Utama, I Gusti Bagus Student Number: 1090771010 Ph.D Student in Tourism Studies Udayana University, Bali, INDONESIA Phone: +6281337868577   Responses of Visitor for currently tourism Bali from Senior citizen perspective


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