Kebun Raya Bali


Bali Botanic Garden (Kebun Raya Bali) was originally established for botanical research and conservation, but has subsequently grown as an attractive tourism attraction. To attain information on the development of Bali Botanic Garden, this study examines several research questions as follows: (1) what are the characteristics of visitors?; (2) what is the perception of visitors on Bali Botanic Garden?; (3) which factors push and motivate visitors to come?; (4) which factors affect the visitors of Bali Botanic Garden?. This study utilized survey method with 88 respondents as the sample. The instrument used was in the form of questionnaire, which was then analyzed with descriptive statistical tools, and factor analysis to determine factors that affect visitors to visit Bali Botanic Garden. The results are as follows: (1) visitors of Bali Botanic Garden is dominated by domestic tourists, students and private employees, 20 to 40 age group, repeat visitors, and male visitors; (2) visitors of Bali Botanic Garden are pushed and motivated by the needs for relaxation, escape, strengthening family bond and play as very strong push factors. Secondary push factors include the needs for interaction, prestige, educational opportunity, and wish fulfillment as strong push factors. Meanwhile, romance and self-fulfillment are weak push factors; (3) five factors affect Bali Botanic Garden as a destination, including fees and service, natural attraction, accessibility, atmosphere, and facilities. Several recommendations for the management of Bali Botanic Garden include: (1) consider to visitor characteristics when diversifying the botanical garden; (2) pay attention to push factors deemed important by visitors to better match their expectations; (3) consider the five factors that were formed in managing, conserving, and utilizing the botanical garden so that this garden remain a viable tourism destination for locals and visitors

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