Community Based Tourism of Blimbingsari Village, West Bali


  • According to Jafari and Ritchie (1981), tourism is an interdisciplinary and integrates a variety of subjects, disciplines and focuses and can be seen from numerous points of views and approaches.
  • The tourism as a central study can be  studied  from  many  focuses  and  created  into  a  new  form tourism development model.
  • However tourism development model can  be  made  in  varying  forms  such  as  focus  on agriculture  as  Agrotourism,  ecology  as  ecotourism,  culture  as  cultural tourism, religion as religious tourism, etcetera.
  • Community based tourism is tourism in which local residents (often rural, poor and economically marginalised) invite tourists to visit their communities with the provision of overnight accommodation.
  • The residents earn income as land managers, entrepreneurs, service and produce providers, and employees. At least part of the tourist income is set aside for projects which provide benefits to the community as a whole.
  • Community based tourism enables the tourist to discover local habitats and wildlife, and celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. The community will be aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage through tourism, and this will foster community based conservation of these resources.

See the Slides:


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