Subject:   Re: IJSER
From:   “IJSER Research Publication” <ijser.editor@ijser.org>
Date:   Sun, January 31, 2016 11:46 pm
To:   raiutama@undhirabali.ac.id
Priority:   Normal
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Dear Author,



After enquiry we found this site belongs to Kenneth R. Foster, who has

around 30 journal, with registration charges $800 to $1100, they are

putting name of other low cost journals on their website, we are working on legal solutions take it down. Now they also opened another website similar to us name http://www.ijser.in



There are few other blogs where you can find such kind of information,

anybody can create these blogs from anywhere within minutes.


We already mailed Google about this, as there is no ownership over the

content, we are unable to take any action.



IJSER Impact Factor 3.8. Based on the citations received.


However we have not yet applied for Thomson Reuters list.



Impact Factor 3.8 recognized on Citefactor


Citefactor.org Impact Factor List 2014



Impact Factor List 2015




*Available on ResearchGate*




*Received Global Impact Factor .6 from Australia, Institute of Information








*Other Links ( Validating Impact Factor)*




IJSER is now associated with *CrossRef ,*collaboration of world’s leading

journals, libraries & universities.

DOI Prefix for IJSER : 10.14299/000000

All the published research paper will now receive DOI, using DOI your

published paper is indexed & accessible from various universities,



Now Papers available on CiteSeerX *National Science Foundation, United

States*, *The Pennsylvania State University*



Now included in *IC Journals Master List 2012 and got the impact value

-5.27 **( ICV -Index Copernicus Value)*


Here please check the direct URL to Index Copernicus International:


Score ICV 5.27 points. (Index Copernicus Value).



*IC Journals Master List 2012*




*Universal Impact Factor ( Applied for – available wihtin 1 month)*

*NAAS rating (Applied for – available wihtin 2 months)*

*More than 95% papers are indexed on Google Scholar*-




*IJSER sponsor conference worldwide every year ( including IEEE conference), check the list of 2013 conferences -*






Jayne Gibbon

Tel : +1-831-854-7284

Fax : +1-(281)-754-4941

Editorial Assistant, IJSER


Answer about http://scholarlyoa.com/


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